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Stoer Lighthouse Self Catering accommodation Stoer Lighthouse Self Catering accommodation Stoer Lighthouse Self Catering accommodation Stoer Lighthouse Self Catering accommodation Stoer Lighthouse Self Catering accommodation Stoer Lighthouse Self Catering accommodation Stoer Lighthouse Self Catering accommodation Stoer Lighthouse Self Catering accommodation

About Stoer Lighthouse

View out of a window at Stoer Lighthouse

Stoer Lighthouse is one of 200 located around Scotland's wild coastline and maintained by the Northern Lighthouse Board. The light is shining during the night but that doesn't disturb the romantic inside the Keepers Appartments.

For over one hundred and fifty years Robert Stevenson and his decendants designed most of Scotland Lighthouses. Batting against the odds and the elements – the Stevensons constructed wonders of engineering that have withstood the test of Time and amazing historical achievement. Robert Stevensons talented family also included the famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson.

All Scottish Lighthouses now operate automatically. The last one 1998. Prior to the automation of Stoer Lighthouse a Principal Lightkeeper and an Assistant, with their families, lived at the light. There is a walled garden for planting vegetable and to have pigs. The families were almost self sufficient and would have grown their own vegetables and kept some livestock. Lightkeeping was a remote, lonely and hard existence. At night each keeper was required to keep a watch in the lightroom.

To ensure that the light flashed correctly to character. During daytime the keepers were engaged in maintaining and cleaning the facilities. At the time of building the lighthouse the Principal Lightkeeper was paid £77 a year.

Pets are welcome at the Groundfloor Apartment at Stoer Lighthouse. As Stoer Lighthouse is a perfect holiday place for people with a dog we allow you to bring your dog with you when you book the Groundfloor Apartment. Because of restrictions to protect people with a dog hair allergies we only allow dog in the Groundfloor Apartment and only if they are well behaved.

The Area around Stoer Lighthouse is a perfect site to walk – alone or with your dog. Here are some recommendations for nice walks;

Drumbeg Peat Roads

Park in the car park at the Drumbeg Viewpoint, grid reference 120330. This is reached by the B869 which runs, tortuously, from Lochinver to Unapool near Kylesku. The peat roads were built for the crofters of Drumbeg and Culkein to gain access to their peat cuttings and transport the peats out. They have been there for more than 150 years. Between 1890 and 1914 work was carried out by local people to improve them with funding from the Congested Districs Board.

Except for the Outer Hebrides the Assynt Landscape is like nowhere else in Britain. The Basic rock is Lewisian Gneiss which is the oldest rock in Britain. It has been eroded and now forms a lumpy landscape, full of knolls and hollows, often reffered to as cnoc and lochan. On top of this are mountains of Torridon sandstone which rear up in strange abrupt shapes.

Before you start your walk admire the splendid view over Edrachillis Bay to the mountains far north. Then turn left, east along the road. Walk past the village shop and the pub until you can turn right on a narrow road signed for tearoom. Pass throught a kissing gate and than a gate and stroll down beside the building of the tearoom. At the bottom of the hill go throught two more gates on a lovely green track curving up and round a hill.

Climb on up the track to the crest of the hill which passes  a loch and goes on below grassy hillside. After following this walk bear right and walk back to the car park with good views to your right over Loch Drumbeg. The total distance is about 4.5 Miles and please allow 2 / 2.5 hours for it.

Achmelvich to Alltanabradhan

Park in the large car park behind the beach of Achmelvich. To get there take the B869 which leaves the A837 one mile north of Lochinver. After 2 Miltes take a minor road on the left signed to Achmelvich and Youth Hostel.

The Alltanabradhan Meal Mill is all that remains of a tiny building which used to grind the flour for the Townships of Achmelvich and Clachtoll. It was of a type called a clack/mill, where the upper millpaddle wheel turned by the fluim, a millrace through the center of the building.

The mill was in use from the 1600 till the late 1800s. You can still see the millrace, and there are several millstones lying on the grounds. On your walk you will see the nice blue beaches. This walks needs around 2 hours with a total distance of 3 Miles.